Building Management's T6 apartment in Algés completed

We have completed electric and telecoms installation works on Building Management's T6 Apartment in Algés

Electric installation and telecommunications for Building Management's six bedroom apartment in Algés is completed.

This apartment undertook a completed revamping of both its electric and telecoms system. With a brand new Quiterios main distribuition enclosure and Hager control panel, distribution to all the appliances has been hidden inside the walls and above the drywall ceiling.

Some dedicated circuits were provided, specifically for the air conditioning system.

The white Logus 90 model, which is a Portuguese brand EFAPEL, was chosen for the light switches and sockets.

Besides powering all the electrical devices in this large 175m2 apartment, new lighting was also installed: white Soflight ceiling spotlights scattered in the interior and LED strips for the kitchen and bathroom. Additional cables will be left inside the walls and ceiling for decorative versatility and future alternative uses.  

Finally, the intercom was reinstalled on a new location consistent with the new interior architectural project and every single room was provided RJ45 and TV sockets.

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